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Owl RockKrusher Axle Upgrade with E-Locker

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For years now people have wanted to add offroad capability to their Sprinters. Most folks in the offroad world know one of the best ways to accomplish this is through gearing and a locking differential. For those new to locking differentials, we encourage you to watch the video below where John explains locking differential work. 

The NEW Owl Axle upgrade is a massive step forward from what is currently available in the industry. Originally Owl designed an air-locking differential to be installed in a factory Mercedes axle housing. During our testing, we found the locker worked really well but the added force that lockers (of any brand) put through the axle shafts made them a weak link. After a lot of thought, we decided to stop our locker-only project and design an entire axle replacement for the Mercedes. We reached out to one of the world's most renown axle manufacturers to build an entire replaceable Axle. This replacement axle allows us to massively beef up the internals as well as offer an e-locker, a first for Sprinter. E-lockers are typically what OEM manufacturers use in their vehicles (Jeep, Toyota Land Cruisers) because they so rock solid and are not prone to seal failure as air lockers are. 

In the end, the new Owl Sprinter axle replacement can turn any 2wd or 4wd intro an absolute beast on the trail. 



  • Fits NCV3 and VS30 2007-2022 4x4 or 2wd 2500 Vans
  • Entire Upgraded Axle tubes 3.5" vs 3"(stock) with fitments for all stock Mercedes sensors and mounts
  • Oversized Chromoly 35 spline axle shafts 
  • Powder Coater Black with blue diff cover
  • Eaton E-Locker
  • 9.75" ring gear
  • 4.10 gear ratio (great for upgraded tires sizes)
  • No air compressor required
  • Regear requires additional Renntech gear tuning (+$620)

Professional installation is required ($1700) at an Owl Offroad location. Install time is approximately 3 days. NCV3 can take longer. 

Lead-Time: 4-6 weeks  


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