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Hands down the best bike / cargo carrier on the market.

Perfect for individuals that want a stable but simple to use bike carrier system.

Mount the bikes lower for low roof sprinters or fast bike loading and unloading.

Best of all, Owl carriers open with the doors so you never have to swing carriers out of the way or lose departure angle by adding a big ugly bumper.

Get the rock-solid strength of a tig welded tubular aluminum frame with the versatility of our Sherpa system.

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  • All TIG welded aluminum construction
  • Powder-coated Black (dual-layer powder)
  • Loads up to 150lbs
  • DIY friendly with step by step install video
  • Works with e-bikes
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Our CEO John tells you why, when you're out on the road, our B2 is the best option. Trail tested for 100,000+ miles.


How Much Does It Load?

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Loads up to 150 lbs.

Can I install it myself?

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Yes! DIY friendly with step by step install video from our CEO John.

Do I have to drill?

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Requires a single hole be added to the door (mistake-free template included)

Do I need hinges?

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Yes, Requires 180˚ Hinges. If you do not have 180˚ hinges or do not know please see the pics below. You can add 180˚ hinges to your order.

Where was it made?

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Designed, engineered and produced in Marin, California. All Owl products are made ONLY in the USA.

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