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Antigravity Lithium Sprinter Battery Upgrade

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We came across this product and thought it was such a perfect solution for Spritner we knew we had to carry it. Let's face it, as much as we love to use these vans, for many of us there is an "off-season." That off-season means our vans get parked for months at a time. Anyone that has owned a classic car or a van knows that Lead-Acid or AGM batteries are often depleted and damaged by sitting for long periods of time. This is a double whammy because your van won't start when you want to use it and the battery, even once charged, has sustained permanent damage. We have personally gone through 3 batteries in three years without Revel. At $300 a pop, that is almost $1000 dollars of AGM batteries in three years. 

Enter the brilliantly designed Antigravity Batteries. AG Batteries are lithium. That means that you are able to fully deplete them and recharge them without damage. With the stock AGM battery, anytime you go below 50% you are damaging the battery. Therefore the stock AGM battery only has a usable 35ah of power while the Antigravity is 80ah. 

Never Have A Dead Battery Again:

All of the above advantages aside, the best feature of the new Antigravity Battery for Sprinters is the built-in "restart" technology. This feature will disconnect the battery from the van once the battery drains down to a preset percentage. Basically, the battery will never go completely dead. The battery saves a few percent to make sure you have roughly 6 starts anytime you come back to the van. Since the battery is lithium, not AGM, that battery draining to that point will not damage the battery like it would a Lead-acid/AGM. To activate those starts you simply press the button on the remote and then you can start your van. 

In addition to never having to put your van on a battery tender again, this feature is also perfect for using the van in general. If you want to rock your killer Beat Box Stereo while hanging at the campsite, you don't have to worry about draining your battery all the way down. 


  • Kit Includes: 80ah Lithium Battery 2x remotes
  • Direct Replacement for Stock Sprinter battery
  • No need to alter the alternator
  • If plugging into a wall, please ensure you are using a lithium-specific charger, or you can damage the battery. 

*NOTE - Please note, if you use this battery in any van that has a DC-DC converter to charge house batteries from the chassis battery and that DC-DC converter determines whether the engine is running or not using voltage, lithium batteries have a much higher resting voltage than lead-based batteries and will maintain high voltage for much of their useful capacity. This can result in DC-DC converters which stay active charging house batteries for long after you have shut the engine off. Owl vans/offroad takes no responsibility for any issues that are caused by this high resting voltage property of lithium batteries and it is up to the customer to ensure that their van will not have issues with high resting voltage. Please check with your builder/upfitter if you have any questions. The full resting voltage of this battery is approximately 13.3V and it will stay above 13V until it is at approximately 30%” if you are using this battery, it can cause the DC-DC converter to stay on.

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