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Beatbox Blackbird Stereo Upgrade 2.0 [RoamRig]

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Introducing the new Blackbird edition of the famous Beatbox Sprinter stereo upgrade from RoamRig. As the largest installer of Bearbox stereos, Owl is very excited to have this upgraded unit available. 

This latest version features the new Blackbird DSP Amplifier from Arc Audio, which is tuned specifically for Sprinter vans. The new Blackbird is RoamRig's best-sounding and most versatile stereo.

Our kit comes with everything you need, including many custom components. Featuring:

  • A plug-and-play harness that's bespoke for Sprinters, speaker adapters, and more to make installation seamless and easy. If you can remove your seats, you can install this stereo.

  • Arc Audio Blackbird Amplifier – 8 Channel, 1000w, DSP. Pre-tuned for Sprinters.

  • 10” Arc Audio subwoofer and Arc Audio door speakers/tweeters

  • The subwoofer and amplifier fit neatly in the passenger seat base of your Sprinter for an OEM appearance.

  • Amazing clarity and audio range so that you can enjoy every minute of time spent driving.


  • All VS30 Sprinters with empty passenger seat base and stock swivels. Aftermarket swivels or high base seats with no swivels require spacers. Contact RoamRig for details if using the system with an aftermarket swivel or deep non-swivel seat base.
  • 2021 and later Revels, all STO that are Sprinter-based (Beast Mode requires an extra hour of labor to relocate an accessory fuse panel), others TBD if the seat base is empty or items in the seat base can be relocated
  • Will NOT fit Cab-chassis sprinters due to a brace that is in the passenger seat base
  • The new system can be powered with the house battery but this will require additional work. Products are available to have multiple input sources (EG stock Mercedes radio when running off chassis battery or from a bluetooth receiver when running off a house battery). Contact RoamRig for details if interested. 

The Beatbox Blackbird comes with a ton of flexibility to add lots of awesome features once you have the base system installed:

  • Power the Beatbox Blackbird from your house batteries

  • Add a universal Bluetooth receiver to connect directly to the amplifier when the Mercedes stereo is off

  • Easily add another pair of speakers for the rear doors or external speakers to use outside while camping

  • Switch on the fly between pre-loaded audio configurations

Since every van and power system is different, RoamRig does not have bespoke upgrade kits available for these upgrades. You’ll need to work with your installer to determine the best way to add these option


Will this fit my van?

Like earlier Beatboxes, the New Beatbox Blackbird is designed to fit Sprinter vans with:

  • OEM seat swivels
  • The 10" radio
  • Nothing under the passenger seat base

If anything about your van is different, installation will need to account for those variables


Lead Time: Ships in 3 weeks. This is an estimate and stock levels can change quickly.

Installation Additional ($800 at Owl Off-Road Locations, installation pricing at other Owl dealers to be determined by each dealer). If items have to be relocated from under the passenger seat, additional labor cost may be needed


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