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Sprinter King Coil-Over Suspension

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Upgrading your suspension is one of the most critical aspects of making your Adventure Van perform on road and off. As this industry grows there are more options from some of the top offroad suspension manufacturers. Anyone who has spent time in the offroad world knows King suspension. King is world renowned for its quality and performance. 

This King Suspension kit features coil-over suspension. That means the spring is part of the shock assembly. This is the preferred suspension type for almost all forms of motorsport due to its performance and adjustability. With the King shocks you no longer need to add additional leaf springs I the rear as the coil-spring on the King shock will add the necessary spring rate for vastly improved ride. 

Unlock the true potential of your Sprinter van with the VanUp X King Shocks Sprinter Adjustable Suspension Upgrade Kit. We have collaborated with King Shocks, the leader in off oad shock technology, to bring you a suspension upgrade kit that will revolutionize your van's performance both on and offroad. Experience the VanUp X King Shocks difference and take your Sprinter van to new heights of performance, comfort and capability. 

Why We Made This Suspension With King Shocks:
Something that often goes unmentioned is that a Sprinter's stock suspension was not made to handle the kind of weight a camper van carries. With this in mind, we decided to partner with King to bring to market the one and only suspension kit that we truly believe you'll ever need to buy for your Sprinter van. Whether you're clocking highway miles or seeking out 4x4 trails, this kit will give you the comfort, stability, safety and performance that every camper van should have. On-road, you'll experience a lot better handling behind the wheel, a softer, smoother ride, and more sway control. Off-road, tuning and valving adjustments have been made to ensure the kit can handle a wide variety of offroad terrain. And, with shocks that are 100% rebuildable, our customers can feel confident they'll never again have to buy new shocks.  

Both partners have put in thousands of miles testing on and off road to ensure the kit is up to both our standards before putting our names on it. After extensive research and design we present to you a suspension kit we can confidently say is best in class. 



  • Fits - Sprinters (2007-Present) 4wd & AWD 2500 Vans
  • Wheel spacers sold separately. If you have wheels with an offset of ≤+30mm, you do not need wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are not needed for Owl wheels (Talon, Mojo etc)

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Shock Absorbers: 2.5 front coilover V's standard struts and rear 2.5 coilover shocks with reservoirs. These shock absorbers are the result of continuous testing and development with top racers around the world, ensuring the utmost reliability and performance for your van.

  2. Clicker Adjustments: Soften and stiffen your suspension to match your driving preferences, terrain conditions, and van load. With a simple, integrated clicker you can adjust your compression and rebound. Fine-tune your suspension as often as you like.

  3. Easy Rear Load Weight Adjustment: Adjusting the rear load weight has never been easier. With a simple clicker on the shock, you can optimize your van's payload capacity in minutes.

  4. Superior Build Quality: Built to last, these shocks are crafted with precision and made from high-quality materials. Their adjustable spring rate and customizable dampening provide the perfect balance between comfort and performance, giving you the confidence to tackle any adventure.

What's Included:

  • (2x) King Shocks 2.5 Front Coilover Struts 
  • (2x) King Shocks 2.5 Rear Coilover Shocks 
  • (1x) Upper Shock Bracket Kit 
  • (1x) Lower Shock Bracket Kit
  • (1x) Hardware Kit  
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