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Ladder + Tire Carrier (Transit)

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The wait is finally over, the NEW Owl Ladder + Tire Carrier for Ford Transit is here! After years of promising our Transit customers the same great products as Sprinter, we finally have them in production. We had been overwhelmed by the popularity of our Sprinter gear and that delayed our release of our new Transit Ladder. 

Critical Gear: In motorcycling, they say, "Dress for the crash, not the ride." This statement holds true for off-roading as well. Even if you don't do anything hardcore, having an accessible, proper-sized, spare is critical gear for getting away from the beaten path. Ford Transits are already lower to the ground than Sprinters which can make getting a spare from under the van incredibly difficult in mud, sand, or with a rear flat. Watch the video at the bottom for more reasons to add a spare to the rear of you van. 

Two great products in one: Quality aluminum gear is not cheap, that's why we try to incorporate multi-functionality into all our gear. You get the benefit of an accessible tire and a ladder to get to the roof in one compact package

A lot of folks that a new to this industry don't know, but Owl invented the Ladder + Tire carrier. That means we know more about the engineering of this product than any other company on the market. While we were busy making Sprinter gear many companies made replicas of our Ladder + Tire Carrier for different vans but there is only one genuine Ladder + Tire Carrier....Owl.  

Lightweight and Strong: For the Transit Ladder + Tire carrier we didn't simply copy our Sprinter gear. We set out to make an entirely new Ladder stronger and lighter than anything else on the market. We were able to accomplish this by making the entire unit of our lightweight (US) aluminum. Weighing in at a svelte 21lbs means you have less weight on your door (that's 35% lighter than the competition)!

Billet Aluminum Hinge Brackets: We wanted to make sure this ladder works on any type of hinges (swapping hinges on a Transit is more complicated than on a Sprinter). Therefore we went back to the drawing board and designed a stunning set of all billet machined hinge brackets. These work with all Transit hinge types. For those who don't know much about billet aluminum, it means the brackets were machined down from a solid block of aluminum. This process is much more costly but the end result is massively stronger than other processes. Lastly, they are just drop-dead gorgeous :)

No Door Realignment Necessary: With other company's carriers, you have to fully remove the hinge from the door during installation. This means you have to realign the door when you're finished. This can be a labor-intensive task and easy to get wrong. The new Owl billet brackets do not require removing the hinge therefore your door keeps its factory alignment. 

Shipping: Due to the increased length of the Transit Ladder + Tire Carrier and the welded-on lower hoop, all shipments must go freight. If you want to avoid all shipping charges you can pick the ladders up FREE at an Owl Offroad location or have them installed. Pickup at Offroad locations is subject to stocking availability



  • Fits Ford Transit (2015+) High Roof Vans
  • Works with either hinge type so no need to swap hinges!
  • Machined aluminum hinge brackets make this the strongest Ladder on the market
  • Lightweight, just 21lbs. The lightest Ladder Tire Carrier on the market. Over 30% less than Aluminess.
  • Does not interfere with Parking Assist sensors on most van
  • All Tig Welded Aluminum
  • Additional footpeg and step on side tube. No need to remove the tire to climb the ladder
  • Spin-on tire holder with locking option
  • Adjust for different wheel/tire sizes
  • Powder Coated Black
  • Opens with the door (nothing to swing out of the way or bumpers to buy)
  • No need to relocate the license plate
  • Product requires drilling a single hole in the door. Template included. This method is vastly stronger long term than "no drill" options

Updated Weekly
Lead Time: (6-8) weeks to ship. This is an estimate and stock levels can change quickly

 Owl Ladder + Tire Carrier Design Walk-Through:
The design goal with the Ladder + Tire Carrier was to create a simple, rugged yet elegant solution to solve the need for both a spare tire and a ladder to access the roof. By combining the two, Owl is able to save weight, cost and space.

Owl Quality:

The Ladder + Tire carrier constructed of mandrel bent 2” aluminum tube, all meticulously TIG welded together by Owl’s Master welders. The Ladder + Tire Carrier is one of the most time-consuming products we build with the main structure consisting of over 20’ of bent tubing and 10+ welds.

Aluminum is ideal for its lightweight and anti-corrosive properties. This is why Owl forms the entire ladder out of Aluminum. The result is a super-strong, yet lightweight solution that will stand up to years of off-road abuse.

The Ladder + Tire carrier was designed for ease of use from the beginning. Footpegs extend out the side of the carrier making climbing easy. The tire is situated as low as possible so that one person can easily get the tire on/off without assistance. A spin-on tire handle allows access to the spare tire in seconds without tools.

We design all of our products to be easily installed by either the customer or professional. No professional tools or experience are needed to install Owl products. If you have a basic set of tools and are willing to try something new, you should be able to install most of our products in under an hour.

Departure angle:
Even if you don’t know what departure angle is, you have experienced it. Ever scraped your trailer hitch while going in and out of a steep driveway? That’s because that trailer hitch limits your ability to climb a steep angle the same way a bumper-mounted swing-out system does. Owl carriers keep all of your gear up high away from water, road debris, and most importantly, don’t limit your van's off-roading capabilities.



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