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Mounts securely to the hinges and requires a single mounting hole be added to the door. DIY Friendly!

Made in the USA

Our tig welded aluminum frame is engineered in the USA and made only with USA materials. Don't cheap out!

Ready for Any Terrain

Flat tire off road? it's nearly impossible to get the spare out from under your van. Ours? You just unscrew, and you're ready to change.


Hands down the best tire carrier for your van on the market. We made this carrier lighter, stronger, and even more versatile so it fits your van perfectly and helps you hit the trail.

- All tig welded aluminum frame that allows mounting of a 33" tire or box.
- Mounts securely to the hinges and requires a single mounting hole be added to the door.
- A mistake-free template and specialty step-drill bit to make installation a breeze!


  • Worlds most trusted carriers (per sales and customer rating)
  • All aluminum construction with oversized 2” tube lightweight and trail toughness
  • Simple but elegant design opens with the doors
  • Simple installation
  • Trusted by the best builders in the world
  • Originator and still industry leader of rear door carriers
  • Flexible modular solutions for almost every need

The One and Only

Great design means creating function in a simple and elegant package. That is why we aren’t concerned with overly complex or cheap solutions, we only care about the best solution. As a continued innovator in the space, we test hundreds of ideas before a single product ever sees the light of day. During this process, we destructively test doors, carriers, and more, to find the most reliable solution. This testing has lead to the world’s most reliable rear door carriers with the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry. So, the next time a company has a carrier that “looks’ like Owl, that does’t mean it will function like Owl.


Our CEO John tells you why, when you're out on the road, simply putting the tire under the van, or in the trunk, isn't a realistic option.


What Size Tires Fit?

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Fits tires up to 275, 33". Larger 35" tires can be added but may require slight modification of the plastic emblem.

Can I install it myself?

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Yes! DIY friendly with step by step install video from our CEO John.

Do I have to drill?

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Requires a single hole be added to the door (mistake-free template included)

Do I need hinges?

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Yes, Requires 180˚ Hinges. If you do not have 180˚ hinges or do not know please see the pics below. You can add 180˚ hinges to your order.

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