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THE ONLY Wheel MAde for Adventure Vans

For the major wheel manufacturers, our market is too small to design Sprinter-specific wheels.

These manufacturers will typically machine a truck wheel blank that is close and make it work for the Sprinter. This means you a stuck with a low load rating and a poor offset.

Since we designed the Talon's for each specific van (Sprinter and Transits have unique wheel molds), we can optimize for the greater weight and wider track needed on a van. Don't settle for cheap truck wheels! 

Owl Talon Can Handle the Weight of Your Van

Load Capacity -

  • Owl Talon - 4200lbs (Talon wheel weight 32lbs)
  • BR Barstow - 2700lbs  (Wheel weight 32lbs)
  • BR Arsenal - 2600lbs (Wheel weight 32lbs)
  • Method 701 - 3600lbs  (Wheel weight 28lbs)

Offset -

  • Owl Talon - 30mm
  • BR Barstow - 38mm
  • BR Arsenal - 38mm
  • Method 701 - 50mm

Buy IT at Owl:

From our CEO, John:

Our Wheels are the ONLY wheels built specifically for Sprinter vans, with the ability to carry over 10,000 lbs of weight. Watch more from John.

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