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Owl Sprinter Roof Rack [Flat Earth]

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All Roof Racks require factory roof rails or equivalent for mounting. Please check your van before ordering.

It has been years in the making, but you cannot rush perfection :) The Owl Flat-Earth Roof Rack for Sprinter 144" and 170" has been meticulously designed to the be ultimate Sprinter roof rack. 

Design—We started with a tubular aluminum design to maximize strength and weight savings. The entire chassis of our rack weighs only 65 lbs! Next, we extended the front to allow ample space for solar, relaxing, or misc gear storage. 

Flooring - There is something uniquely special about sitting on the roof of an adventure van and taking in a sunset or stunning view. That's why we wanted to maximize the available space with our innovative modular honeycomb flooring. By making the flooring panels removable, you can tailor the rack to your roof layout without ordering something custom (and waiting months to get it!). For aesthetics and minimizing weight up high, we chose to laser cut our own flooring instead of off-the-shelf perforated aluminum. This allows us to make it lighter and add features not found on other racks.

There are three flooring options so you pay only for what you need:

  • Frame only - If you don't want to walk on your roof and instead use it for solar and boxes, etc, we offer the rack as the tubular frame only - $4998
  • Frame and Flooring - For vans with Maxair vents and ACs on their roof. This rack includes the frame and floor in the areas not covering the vents and AC. This is the best option for Storyteller, Revel, and GH1 owners - $5998
  • Frame and Full Flooring - Maximise your roof space with our tubular rack with a complete flooring kit. Because the floor is made to be installed in sections, you can always add items (vents and ACs, etc.) to your roof easily, even after the rack is installed. $6499

Lighting - At the front of the rack, we added a light mounting strip to easily add your LP9s, Sentinels, or your preferred lighting setup. The light mounting strips have our signature holes and slots so you can perfectly space your lighting. 

Customizable - We will have additional mounts and custom accessories for the rack. We aim to make these accessories backward compatible to allow you to add new features without replacing your rack. This would include fairings and

A-Pilar brackets -rack extensions that run down and mount in front of the side-view mirrors. These brackets will be sold as an add-on kit!

No Shipping Cost - Shipping a tubular roof rack can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the damage that typically occurs. That's why we use our network of Owl locations, which allows you to pick up or install your roof rack without shipping charges. We use our own trucks to move our racks to all of our Offroad locations, saving you money and allowing us the peace of mind they show up in perfect condition. That's right; you can pick your roof rack up for free from any of our Owl Offroad Locations (see the professional installation tab for details on locations)


  • Fits: Sprinter Vans 2007-Current 144" (Not compatible with Thor Vans)
  • Lightweight - 75lbs
  • Material - Proprietary alloy of tubular aluminum
  • Modular Honeycomb Flooring (some sections sold separately)
  • E-Track around the edge of the flooring
  • Grab handles for side-ladder
  • Rear cutout for easier access from a rear Ladder + Tire Carrier
  • Integrated Roof Rail Mounts (**Rack requires factory roof rails or equivalent for mounting. Please check your van before ordering)
  • Light mounting strip at the front of the rack (easily mount lights)
  • Stainless steel hardware included
  • Hand Tig Welded in Arizona by our Master welders

Know Before Ordering!

  • Requires factory roof rails or equivalent for mounting (must be installed on van or van interior must be removed). Please check your van before ordering.
  • Lights sold separately
  • Does not fit Sprinter Passenger Vans with Mercedes Factory AC
  • Does not work with Thor Tranquility or Santuary (there are no roof rails, and the interior needs to be removed to add them). We do not recommend anyone install a roof rack on rails that have been riveted to the roof. 
  • Does not work with Airstreams that have in-molded awnings (Interstate)
  • Roof Rack is compatible with the Fiamma F45s. The F80s is NOT compatible.
  • We cannot remount the Carefree awning. With all the issues with these awnings, we suggest moving to a Fiama 45s

REVEL OWNERS: If you want to upgrade to the Flat Earth Rack, we highly suggest removing your factory roof rack yourself. Removing the factory roof rack is fairly straightforward, but it is time-consuming. You will save a lot of money by bringing your van in with a "naked" roof. You do not need to worry about removing the AC, Maxxair, or awning. 

Revel and some other factory Class B vans require a spacer kit for the roof rack. This is free; please select that option when configuring the rack on this page. 


Installation on a van with OEM rails at our Owl Offroad facilities is $449 (this includes no removal of any items on your roof.)

Revel -  To mount a Flat Earth to your Revel, the factory rack must removed first.

  • 2019-2024 Revel model years - The Carefree awning is riveted through the roof and waterproofed with lap sealant. This awning bracket must be removed, and the Carefree awning is not compatible with aftermarket racks. We suggest upgrading to the Fiama F45s.
    • $799 - Installation price if Owl removes OEM roof rack (includes removal of OEM Revel rack, Carefree awning, and Carefree brack from the roof). Reinstall Solar
    • $650 - Installation price if customer removes OEM roof rack (includes removal of the Carefree awning). Reinstall Solar
  • 2025+ Revel model years - The awning is mounting to the roof rack and can be remounted to the Flat Earth if desired. 
    • $550 - Installation price if customer removes OEM roof rack - Includes remounting of Carefree and solar.
    • $650Installation price if Owl removes OEM roof rack - Includes remounting of Carefree and solar.

Storyteller - 2019-2022 with vent fan in standard location. To mount a Flat Earth to your Storyteller, the factory rack must removed first.

  • $699 - Installation price if Owl removes OEM roof rack (includes removal of OEM STO rack and awning). Reinstall Solar and awning
  • $499 - Installation price if customer removes OEM rack first. This installation includes Owl remounting of the factory awning and solar


Owl Roof Rack does not work on Storyteller's with the "Adventure Space," aka the van is at the front above the sliding door. The below roof layout is not compatible

Canceled Orders

We want all customers to be happy with their purchases but in the event of a canceled order, we cannot recoup the fees charged to us by the credit card companies. When an order is placed, the credit card company takes a percentage of the sale, typically 5%-6% This is money that DOES NOT go to us and we do not get this charge given back to us when we refund an order. Therefore, if someone buys a suspension and then cancels, we pay the credit card company several hundreds of dollars that we cannot get back. Although you may not have noticed, it is industry standard for larger dollar items to have a "restocking fee" of 15% or more. We do our best to charge exactly what we get charged by the credit card company when you cancel an order. In the event of a canceled order, the 5%-6% that the credit card company charges us cannot be refunded. Please make note of this before you order. 

• All canceled orders over $1000 paid with a "Credit Card" will have a 5% credit card processing fee that cannot be returned.

• All canceled orders over $1000 paid with a "Shop Pay Installments" will have a 6% credit card processing fee that cannot be returned.

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