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Grille Light Kit [Sprinter]

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When we first saw this product we fell in love with how clean and effective it is. On top of that, the quality of the Triple-R lights are fantastic. Based out of Europe all lights are engineered and manufactured in the UK. The moment you get your hand on one or see it in person you will know this is an absolutely top-end product.

In addition to the quality, the clean and more subtle look of these lights are the wave of the future in our opinion. As Sprinter vans have exploded in popularity, there has also been an explosion in aftermarket products. As the market matures, we feel it will head towards a more subtle and sophisticated look and these lights are the perfect solution. All the function and quality of bumper mounted light but much more integrated into the van. These look like they could be a factory Mercedes option. 

Grille Integration Kits are custom-fit mounting brackets that allow for quick and easy fitting of Triple-R LED lights flush mounted within the front grille. The 4x mounting brackets are precision-engineered to engage perfectly with the standard center grille on the vehicle, with added strength and security provided by the supplied hardware. Made from ASA material, known for its excellent strength and UV stability, the brackets are fully weather and chemical resistant to ensure your installation remains in great condition year after year. The fitting is quick and simple and can be completed with the original grille left on the vehicle. Supplied cutting guides facilitate a perfect installation every time. 

LR750: - The LR750 High Performance can be wired for both clear and amber lighting options. One of the major benefits of these lights is that they have a Day Time Running Light (DRL) mode that has a nice glow when the van is running. This not only adds to that high-end factory look but also helps others see you in twilight or dusty conditions. Perfect for vans that did not come factory with the Mercedes LED lights (like many Storyteller MODES). 

LR750 SAE Elite - The Elite kit not looks just as fantastic as the LR750 but also has some tricks up its sleeve. The Elite is a road-legal SAE-compliant light. This means it can be used while driving on-road. One of the downsides of an SAE-compliant light is that the light output is lower so it doesn't blind other drivers. Brilliantly, however, the Elite transforms into a full 10,000-lumen offroad light simply by removing a magnet from the back. This means you get the best of both worlds. An SAE-compliant light for normal road trips, and a super bright offroad (Boost) setup for lighting up the trail at night. 

The Elite does not have a DRL feature. 


  • Fits: Sprinter 2500-3500 (2019-Present) Including Revel and Storyteller 
  • Two Lighting options: LR-750 High Performance or LR750 SAE Elite  
  • Kit includes 2x LR-750 LED lights Grille mounting brackets and hardware
  • Lights can be Clear or Amber (standard kit has wiring options for both)
  • Wiring harness included 
  • Does not work on Freightliner Grilles or Grille with "holes" (mostly Amazon vans)

Installation and wiring at our facilities is additional ($500)

 Standard Kit shown below (Elite are even brighter than this!)



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