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Beat Box Stereo Upgrade [RoamRig]

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It's no secret that the stock Sprinter audio is terrible. Not only is it hard to hear music, but it can be difficult to hear people you are talking to on the phone, and podcasts are tough to understand. This stereo system addresses all of these issues and can even give your passenger a nice butt massage while you are listening to your favorite tunes. The subwoofer is easily adjustable while driving with an adjustment knob. This system is made specifically for Sprinters with a heavy, rigid down-firing subwoofer box and harnesses that are bespoke for the application. Installation only requires 5 small wire splices and there's no need to remove any part of the radio/dash for installation. If you are comfortable removing your van's seats and door panels, then you can install this stereo.

Currently, these stereos are only available for installation at Owl Off-Road locations: NorCal, SoCal, and Denver as well as select Owl dealers (Canyon Adventure Vans, more coming as they get training). If you are an existing RoamRig customer, please contact RoamRig directly for installation at their location in Connecticut. DIY/Ecommerce sales for installation at your shop of choice are expected to be available in March. 


  • Stereo fitment
  • All VS30 Sprinters with empty passenger seat base and stock swivels. Aftermarket swivels or high base seats with no swivels require spacers. Contact RoamRig for details if using the system with an aftermarket swivel or deep non-swivel seat base.
  • 2021 and later Revels, all STO that are Sprinter based (Beast Mode requires an extra hour of labor to relocate an accessory fuse panel, contact RoamRig for details), others TBD if the seat base is empty or items in the seat base can be relocated
  • Will NOT fit Cab-chassis sprinters due to a brace that is in the passenger seat base
  • Can be powered off the house battery with some extra work. Products are available to have multiple input sources (EG stock Mercedes radio when running off chassis battery or from a bluetooth receiver when running off a house battery). Contact RoamRig for details if interested. 


  • Arc Audio X2 600.4 amplifier. 600 watts, 2 channels driving 300 watts to the subwoofer, and 150 watts to each side door/tweeter (L/R)
  • Arc Audio Arc 10" Subwoofer
  • Arc Audio X2 6.2 Component speaker set with 6.5" midrange speaker in the door, and dedicated tweeter in the stock location at the base of the A-pillar on the dash
  • Bespoke plastic door speaker adapters, bedlined subwoofer box, and wiring harnesses

Common questions:

  • Rear speakers? You could certainly add something, but the amp on this is 4 channels and those are dedicated to the subwoofer (2 channels bridged) and the door/tweeters. In our experience, speakers in the rear doors are so far behind you that their input to the audio experience is minimal. With a proper stereo system upfront, you will not need rear speakers. 
  • DSP? This system does NOT use a DSP. 

Lead Time: Ships in 3 weeks. This is an estimate and stock levels can change quickly.


Installation Additional ($800 at Owl Off-Road Locations, installation pricing at other Owl dealers to be determined by each dealer)


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