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How to Paint Your Sprinter Sliding Door Track

Hey everybody, John with Owl here.

Today, we're going to talk about slider tracks. On my van, the slider track was originally black and motorized, but it was later replaced with a stainless steel, non-motorized version. I've painted these tracks in the past with great results.

Personally, I prefer black over chrome, especially since the rest of my van has a matte black theme. This will look much better once it's black, as it's currently the only brushed stainless piece on the van.

This van is kept near the beach, and I’ve noticed rust forming under the carriage and on some factory bolts in the engine bay.

Even the stainless steel slider is starting to corrode. This isn't unique to Mercedes; any vehicle exposed to saltwater or road salt will rust.

Preventative maintenance is key, so we're going to paint this track with a rust reformer to improve its appearance and prevent further corrosion.


First, I'm going to grab some blue tape. Ideally, you would remove the track to paint it, but that requires removing the van's interior, which is a lot of work. Taping it off is a simpler alternative and has worked well for us before. Proper preparation is crucial: take your time with taping, scuff the surface before painting, and keep some rubbing alcohol on hand to clean up any overspray quickly.

I'm now taping off the area around the slider track. It's important to cover a larger area than you think necessary to avoid getting paint on the van. I'm using cardboard and tape to create a protective barrier.


Once taped, I'll clean the surface with alcohol and scuff it with a sanding block.


After cleaning and sanding, I'll use Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer. This paint dries quickly, transforms corroded metal, and is readily available. It holds up well and is easy to reapply if needed.


When painting, use light, continuous strokes and avoid painting on windy days. Once dry, remove the tape and coverings carefully to check for any overspray. If there is any, use alcohol to clean it off immediately.

The finished product looks much better. The black paint gives it a clean, matte finish that blends with the rest of the van. I hope this video was helpful, whether you're painting a slider track or tackling another project on your van.

Preparation is key to a good paint job.


Full Video Here:

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More soon,
John Willenborg

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