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Stealth Carbon Fiber Skid Plates [Sprinter 2019-Present]

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We know what you're thinking, carbon fiber skid plates for a 9,000lbs van!? Yes, that is exactly what we did. Why? because they are awesome. Carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials available but also incredibly lightweight. Carbon skid plates have been used on off-road racing trucks for years. The massive advantage of carbon fiber skids is the weight savings and ease of installation. Oh... and we almost forgot, they look badass too.


  • Sprinter Vans 2015-Present
  • Includes 3 skids Plates: Engine Front, Oil Pan, Transmission/transfer case plates
  • Two front skid options. One for vans with a 2" lift (VC 6.3, 6.5) and one for stock vans (VC4.3, 4.5)


  • Owl Stealth Skids Plates (engine + trans): 15lbs
  • Standard Skids: 64lbs


It is important to keep in mind how the van is used. Vans are more capable off-road than many people know, but they will never be rock crawlers. This means that the skid plates need to be strong for the occasional impact but not continuously bashed by rocks as they would on a built jeep. This means that you can get away with a much lighter setup, with an easier install and a killer look, all while protecting your important bits. 

Additionally, Owl has added a larger edge to the transmission skid to help guard against catalytic converter theft (please keep in mind, no amount of protection can protect you 100%).


Installing these skids is vastly easier due to their weight. With each plate approximately 5lbs they are simply to hold in place while installing the hardware. With steel/aluminum skids it often requires some gymnastics with jacks or a friend's help. 

For installation, please see our standard skid plate installation video

At the end of the day, we like to push the envelope and come out with unique high-end gear for that customer that wants it just their way. We know these carbon skids are not for everyone, but we hope a few of you are as pumped on them as we are. 


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*Note - Skid Plates are intended to come into contact with obstacles. This contact can cause scratches, dents, cracks, and other wear and tear.  Any damage to skid plates from use is not covered under any type of warranty. 

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