Snorkel - 2018/2019 Revel [Terrawagen]

Snorkel - 2018/2019 Revel [Terrawagen]

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NCV3 2008-2018

First impressions of people that see a snorkel on a vehicle is that the snorkel is designed to allow a vehicle to cross deep water.

Sure, it will help you do that, but it will also draw clean cool air from up high. We recently followed a group of overlanders through Death Valley on some very dusty roads. Our snorkel being up high and out of the dust gave us peace of mind knowing our air filter wouldn't get chocked up.

Help make your 4x4 Sprinter easily identified as the true off-road machine it is. When folks see the snorkel there is no question, is that a 4x4? why yes it is.

Our snorkel kit comes with all the hardware you'll need for a clean installation. Fits 2007 - 2018  Sprinters. We recommend turning the intake facing rearwards in heavy snow conditions.

* Fits 2007 - 2018 Sprinter model 906  NCV3

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