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Original Folding Van Shower

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Bracket Kit (Van Type)

Shower Curtain

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 The Owl team fell in love with this innovative idea for a compact van shower the first time we saw it. It is a combination of sleekness, function, and quality that we always look for in high-end van components. Showers are such wonderful luxury while on the road but many skip them in their builds due to the amount of space they take up. Now you can get the best of both worlds. 

Product Details:

The Tetravan Shower is a wall-mounted fold-out shower that installs anywhere along the inside wall of your Sprinter of Ford Transit. When not in use, the shower secures tightly against the wall, taking up a footprint of only 22” wide by 7.25” deep.

The Tetravan Shower gives van lifers the full indoor shower experience without using valuable space. This means more room in your van for other things, like the second row of seats; a dining area; a sleeping area; a van entryway; or, space for a fridge or kitchen drawers to open into.

Check out the Learn section of the site to see where the Original Folding Shower can be best utilized. The Original Van Shower is most suitable for installation onto the inside wall of the van itself, using the appropriate bracket for your vehicle type. For cabinet or bulkhead installations, check out the Flush Mount Folding Shower.

The Tetravan Shower uses a patent-pending drain design that allows water to drain into an angled gutter and exit through a conventional marine shower drain, even when the van is parked on a moderate slope.

The showerhead and hose are stowed in the back of the shower behind a stainless flapper door. When in use, the showerhead pulls out of its compartment and clips onto an included wall-mounted holder.

Made in USA.

Bracket Kits (Sold Separately): $99.99

  • Sprinter
  • Transit
  • Adventure Wagon Mount (Sprinter & Transit) 

Shower Curtain (Sold Separately): $249.99

This nylon curtain is designed to exclusively fit the Tetravan Shower and make using your shower easier and more comfortable. If you don’t have a Tetravan Shower but like our curtain, check out the Generic Shower Curtain.

Magnets are sewn into the bottom and back edges attach the curtain to the inside edges of the shower. A special water-tight magnetic closure at the front makes getting in and out easy.

The curtain widens to over 30 inches toward the top to maximize shoulder space. Both loops and grommets are sewn into the top to allow for adjustable mounting heights.

Comes with a mesh bag that stores inside your shower when not in use.

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This item ships directly from the manufacturer and lead times can be dynamic for smaller manufacturers. Please allow several weeks for shipment. 

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